Tuesday, August 15, 2017

All You Need Is Love....Featuring Swank with irrISISitible

You have gotta check out this hair. 
It comes with a style hud so you can put the hair 
over one shoulder, or both sides to the back as pictured, 
or pull both sides to the front....
and when you click it, 
your avatar moves its hands to adjust the hair! 
So much fun!!! 
You gotta see it to appreciate it. 

While you are out shopping, get over to Swank!
Sensual Hair by Stealthic

Crazy Retro Watermelon outfit by irrISIStible at Swank

Background items:

Flora's gacha items by Kalopsia

All You Need Is Love

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Rise Up...Featuring Swank with Chop Zuey, Avada, PurpleMoon, Glitter Poses

Never forget that the things that mean the greatest
to others are the small things.
Like opening the door for someone or
when a man places his hand on the small of a womans
back as he leads her.

Don't forget the small things...
they mean the world.

Calania hair by EMO-tions

Bodacious eyeshadow by Avada at Swank

Valley Girl Lips by Avada at Swank

Dancin Daisies jewelry in white/pink by Chop Zuey at Swank

Darcy Dress by PurpleMoon at Swank

Olivia poses by Glitter Poses at Swank

Rise Up

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017

Ocean...Featuring Chop Zuey at The Aloha Fair

So it has been told that if you wish to have something 
in your life, you must manifest it through thoughts. 

With that in mind, 
I am ready for the love of my life. 
With thought and action, 
I am manifesting him into my life. 
Can't wait to find you!

Tabitha Eyeshadow by La Boheme for Catwa Mesh Head

Kaia Ocean Set w/Diadem by Chop Zuey at The Aloha Fair

Akane hair by Argrace

Aprodithe drape, body net and background by Astralia (gacha) at the Gacha Garden

Let it snow nails by Nail it Good


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Fabulous...Featuring Anastasia with the Miranda Outfit

LULU hair by EMO-tions 

Genevieve headpiece by Astralia
Past exclusive

Christmas Luxury Jeweled Neck Wrap by Chop Zuey
Past Gift

Miranda Outfit by Anastasia Designs

Snakeskin clutch by Indy&Co

Clean Scenes- Bar background by Exposeur (Gacha)

AA Designs The Miranda Outfit 

 Just like Miranda for Sex and the City, this is a chic look. Form-fitting and sexy , yet classy also. 
The dress comes in black and pink, and the jacket is in black. 
Many styling options with this outfit. I have also included a pair of hoops earrings. 
The dress sizes are Maitreya, Slink ( HG and PHY) , Belleza, 
( Isis,Freya and Venus), EBody and one standard size with alpha. 
The Jacket comes in Standard sizes XL and L. 

  Dare to be fabulous


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Happier...Featuring Swank with Chop Zuey and Destiny Style

It has been a lifelong journey in finding the meaning in life.
I think I just got it,
too bad it took me 46 years to understand.

Everything you need is already inside of you.
Nothing external will bring you internal peace.
You must find the internal peace,
then the external things will manifest.

I hope you can find that in your journey
and find all the things you are meant to have.
Sometimes we get in the way of our own happiness.

Lana hair by Lumerence

Leticia flower bikini in green by Destiny Style at Swank

Special Edition Sea Mist jewelry set by Chop Zuey at Swank


Friday, July 21, 2017

Heartbreaker...Featuring Chop Zuey at eBENTO Event and Swank with TM creations

May my eyes be blind to the negativity of this world,
may I continue to be true to my inate nature
and not only see the good but to bring it out in others.
May I always find the good in all things
and remember that I am worth it!!

Piirto hair by Tukinowaguma at Cosmopolitan

Fairy Wings Vine by ?
This was a gacha item, but I have no idea who the designer is.
They neither marked the box/folder nor put in who the owner was on the object.
So sorry.

Staff, headpiece, blindfold and rose petals by May's Soul (gacha)

Papillon Palm Rings by Chop Zuey at eBENTO Event

Celestial Queen outfit by Moon Elixir at Crystal Heart Event (gacha)

Maya boots by Blanco Original at Cosmopolitan

Asian garden plants and rocks arrangement by TM creations at Swank