Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Treat You Better...Featuring...Jumo and Swank with TASHI, Indulge Temptation!

This is a subject close to my heart.
I have so many friends and relatives who are in bad
relationship because they see the potential
in someone, but fail to see the reality.

I know, sometimes you can see so much in someone,
more so than they see in themselves.
It can be easy to try to nurture that
when the other person has no interest or intentions
on becoming the person you see.

So they stay in relationships, being abused,
misused, and are miserable.
I can guarentee to each of them
that there is someone on the outside,
seeing them abused and mistreated
and they dream of being the one to treat them better.

I have a niece, and I can talk about this here as none of
my RL life read this...
When she was in high school, at the job she was working
there was a man.
She spoke of this guy as her "stalker".
Always telling us how he would stalk her,
watch her, follow her, ask her out,
and creep her out.
Well she gave into this guy and gave him a "pity" date.
Before you knew it, she was engaged to him.
For the life of me I cannot understand why someone
would marry thier stalker.
He doesn't treat her great and I mourn for the
life she could have had.

Sometimes we fall in love with, accept bad behavior
and go along with someone mistreating us.

It's not ok...and I pray someday we all find someon
who will treat us better.

Admiral Lenore Hat in grey by Tentacio

Summer Haze hair by Stealthic 

Cosima the King of Couture shoulder pet by Heth Haute Couture for10L

Pax skin in cream by Jumo

Pax Eyeliner in black by Jumo

Pax lips in deep red by Jumo

Anne Marie dress by TASHI at Swank

Drama Queen Necklace by Indulge Temptation! at Swank

Treat You Better

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Beautiful...Featuring Preptopia with the Old Hollywood Gown

So I am a massage therapist in RL. 
I have been too sick to practice the art though. 
I miss the days of calm relaxation of massaging someone. 
It always seemed to do me as much good as it did 
the client. 

Somedays you just need to drift away...
have someone touch you and feel relief. 
It is too bad that touching is so frowned upon. 
Even more sad that touch has to be sexual in nature
and people don't touch each other anymore. 
There is so much kindness in a simple touch. 
So much caring and healing.

Have you touched someone in a healing way today? 
If not, go give someone a hug!!

Brooke hair by !Oleander

Ondine 4 eyeshadow by La Boheme

Elegant lipstick in Electric Red by Pink Acid (Gift)

Kushinada shawl shinto by {aii}

Delia jewelry by Lazuri

Old Hollywood Vintage Gown in Red by Preptopia

Cristal silver clutch bag by Septem Essentia


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hitohira No Hanabira...Featuring Swank with IrriSIStable, IP Nails, Virtual Diva Couture

I am pretty sure two of my children should
have been born Japanese.

They love everything Japanese and I would not
doubt that one day they will both live there.

They have opened my eyes to another world,
far away,
that holds magic and wonder.

What a beautiful country!

Bob hair in black by Vanity

Kabuki face paint 6 by Oceane (past event)

2017 Chinese Dragon Kiss outfit in red by IrriSIStable at Swank

Frosted Tip nails by IP Nails at Swank

Royal Secret poses by Virtual Diva Couture at Swank

tel no mukou kurai kao shiteru 
kiridasu kotoba ni obietenda 
ittai itsu kara bokura konna kimochi ni 
kizukanai furi tsuzukete tanda 
deatta hi no you na ano suki tooru kaze no naka de 
yarinaoseru no nara mou ichido dakishimetai 

hitohira no hanabira ga yurete iru boku no tonari de ima 
machigatta koi datta sonna koto omoitaku wa nai 
suki datta hazu datta itsu datte koe ga kikitaku naru hodo 
sore nanoni te ga todoku saki no kimi ga mienaku narisouda 

hei ki datte sugu gaman shiteta nowa 
kitto bokutachi no warui toko de 
itsumo issho ni itaitte omotteta noni 
surechigai wa genjitsu wo kaeta 
deatta hi no you na ano yawaraka na egao datte 
sugu ni tori modoseru ki ga shiteta dakishimetai 
hitohira no hanabira ga yurete iru boku no tonari de ima 
machigatta koi datta sonna koto omoitaku wa nai 
damatta mama no kimi no te no hira 
tadori tsuita namida ga hajiketa 
konna bokutachi no jikan wo maki modoshite 

hitohira no hanabira ga mai ochita boku no tonari de ima 
machigatta koi datta nante wasurerareru hazu wa nainda 

suki datta suki datta ima datte sugari tsukitaku naru hodo 
sore nanoni te ga todoku saki no kimi ga mienaku narisouda 

Hitohira No Hanabira

Friday, January 13, 2017

Home...Featuring Swank with 3rd eye, Kaerri, HJM Designs

We all need a place to call our own,
in RL and SL.
Somewhere where you feel comfortable,
can relax and feel safe.

Build your dreams...make them real!
(Both in rl and sl!)

Eldritch Run Rug by 3rd eye at Swank

Mason Jar Poppies in Carrier by Kaerri at Swank

Melilla Chandelier by Kaerri at Swank

Orange chrysanthenum bucket by Kaerri at Swank

New York Loft Corner Shelf in black and white wood by HJM Designs at Swank for 100L

New York Loft Fireplace by HJM Designs at Swank 145l

Green apple basket by Kaerri at Swank

New York Loft set by HJM Designs at Swank For 375L


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Celebrate...Featuring Swank with Jumo, Yeux, Dulce Secrets, Kerema, Zuri Rayna

The new year has begun, new goals set, 
celebrated with good friends and family...
Now it's time to make some changes, 
a chance to start anew. 

So thankful for a yearly mark where we 
can all start fresh.

Elsa Hair by Jumo at Swank

Rosario eyes in Ocean by Yeux at Swank

Moonstruck eyeshadow by Dulce Secrets at Swank

Rope Gown in silk by Kerema at Swank

Romantica Jewelry set in Topaz by Zuri Rayna at Swank

Here is to 2017!



Monday, January 9, 2017

Better Days...Featuring Braham Designs with the Rozlia Pink Lace Dress

A lot of my friends have had a really hard year.
I wish I could change that for them,
as I have had my fair share of hard years.
But this last year was a year of change for me...
a year of new beginnings and feeling like myself again.
Here is to the new year, new beginnings and better days!!

May this year bring everyone I touch
happiness and good memories!

Blossom Accessory in mix pink by Astralia

Ginger hair by Truth

Lash out eyeshadow by Madrid Solo

Fairytale lips by Oceane

Lesley Jewelry Collection by J&W Jewlery Gift

Rozlia Pink lace dress by Braham Design

Pamy Clair Cipria pouchette by WTB

Better Days

Friday, December 30, 2016

Heathens...Featuring Braham Design with the Sharon Black Lace Outfit

I think deep down all of us wish we were
a superhero.
I grew up with wonder woman and
had bracelets like hers.
Oh how I wished I had her powers.

We all have a superhero within us.
Even if it's a bit on the dark side.
Embrace it!!

Solana Windblown hair by Wasabi Pills

Viennese blood mask by Chop Zuey Past gift

Vera Dark Ocean eyeshadow by !Musa!

Sweet combo lips by Glamorize

Neck corset in black by Silvery K

Sharon Black Lace outfit by Braham Design

Lych jewel gloves by Dead dollz Past Event

Minx claws by Astralia for Maitreya hands Past Event