Thursday, February 22, 2018

Valentine...Featuring Swank with !!Firelight!!, Heartsdale Jewelry, AnaStyle, DE.Boutique, CJ Creations, Glitter Poses

I had the pleasure of shooting this blog with a 
fellow blogger, petercarter. 

It's always fun to do a Valentine's shoot, 
but even more fun when you get to cuddle 
a cute boy.

I am a little late on this Valentine's Day post, 
Hope your Valentine's was as great as mine was! 

Food, family and good times!
Michelle hair by !!Firelight!! at Swank

Ruby Rhapsody jewelry in silver by Heartsdale Jewelry at Swank

Saleema red laced skirt and sweater by AnaStyle at Swank

Vest in red (gacha) by The Forge

Brit heels by DE.Boutique at Swank

Lovers Heart Bench and Heart Tree by CJ Creations at Swank

Adalyn pose (single pose) by Glitter Poses at Swank
Used on the photo above and the shoe picture below

The  Essentials Collection Copper Bracelets with Earings and Giovanni Necklace from [HJ] Heartsdale and Crazy Tattoo from Oz Design are also available at the February 2018 SWANK Event.


Sunday, February 11, 2018

No Average Angel...Featuring Swank with Letituier, Oz Design, LIZ, CJ Creations

We are all angels,
we all have the divine within...
Just some of us are not an average angel!
Embrace the inner you!
Irina Hair by {Letituier} at Swank

Bangs ddb side wavy by Truth

Barbed headchain in black by DirtyStories

Three crosses necklace by Swallow

Gothic Victorian Cuff by Zenith

Lolita's fur collar and headpiece (gacha) by Devious Minds

Crazy Tattoo by Oz Design at Swank

Fantasy Angel bodysuit and wings by [LIZ] at Swank

Kawaii Spider stockings (exclusive) by Astralia 

Leather short boots with socks by Zenith

Secret Champagne Tray by CJ Creations at Swank

No Average Angel

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Shot in the heart...Featuring Swank with Wild Makeup, Alma Makeup and irrISIStible

This is a magical time of year.
If you do not have a significant other
to celebrate Valentine's Day with,
then take the time to appreciate yourself
and do a little pampering all for you!
You deserve it!
Love Me Tender lipstick by Wild Makeup Studio at Swank

Lace Mask by Alma Makeup at Swank

Mayuko jewelry by Jumo

Red Passion outfit by irrISIStible at Swank

Cupid's Calling Arrow and bow by Decoy (gacha)

Floating hearts by Persefona at Cosmopolitan

GivemeLove legband by Since 1975 (gacha)

Single heart and pose by Nantra at ULTRA event

Shot in the Heart

Friday, February 9, 2018

Wait...Featuring Swank with !! Firelight !!, Avada, LRD

This blog is dedicated to a RL friend
who has just said goodbye to someone
that was no good for her.
I know that in your heart you want to
tell him to wait...lets work this out,
but I hope you know that you deserve so much more.
You are the only one who can make that difference
and change your life.
So here is to the challenge ahead,
the hours of heartache yet to come
and friends to make you strong.
You got this!

Mimosa headpiece by Lode at Chapter Four

Rupunzel hair by !! Firelight !! at Swank

Lipstain by Avada at Swank

Garavani daimond jewelry by Jumo

Isabella dress by LRD at Swank


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Heaven...Featuring Anastasia Designs and Heth Home Interiors

One of the funnest stylings I have done on SL 
are of oriental decent. 
What a fun styling! 
Catch the bug, try your hand in styling
a japanese flair!

Tracy Asian Dress by Anastasia Designs 

Amulet hat by The Sugar Garden

Maewah obi in black by Axix

Yaodao ji headpiece by Zenith (Rare)

Flower&Allium pose by Label Motion

Hanako Tabi and Greta by Luas (Rare)


xiangan by Zenith

Niao long by Zenith

Lakeside screen by Heth Home Interiors

Red rum rug by LunaRosarie


Friday, January 26, 2018

Parallel Lines...Featuring Swank with Ghostyss

Katarina hair by Iconic

Chamille jewley by Zuri Rayna

Rebel Jacket by Salt & Pepper at Epiphany

Colombine black lace dress by Ghostyss at Swank
Parallel Lines

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

No Broken Hearts...Featuring Swank with Avada, WILD, AnaStyle, Indulge Temptation

Everyone loves the clubs...
the attention, low lighting,
the pulsing of the music.
What makes it all the more fun is to
be dressed provocatively so that all eyes
are on you!!
Make em stare!
Winged black cap by Sascha's Designs

Cheri hair by Truth

Marissa Eyebrows by Avada at Swank

Makeup Studio Color Crush eyeshadow by WILD at Swank

VictorianGothic jewelry by Devious Minds (gacha)

Oleandra outfit by AnaStyle at Swank

Reina bracelet by Indulge Temptation! at Swank

No Broken Hearts