Monday, August 22, 2016

Feel Invincible...Featuring Swank with (BYRNE), Destiny Style, [Aleutia]

I think we all feel invincible when we are younger.
I know I did, it seemed like no matter what
bone I broke, what accident I found myself in,
I was able to rehab, overcome and move on to
do more of the crazy stuff I was into.
It wasn't until I had a life altering accident that
I realized that the body has limitations
and not all things can be overcome.
Don't get me wrong, I still try to overcome
those things, but I realize that some damage can never be undone.

Treat your body with respect, realize you have limitations
and that not everything can be overcome...
just like love cannot conquer all...

but that's another story.

Sari hair in black by Tableau Vivant 

Gemini eye makeup in peach by MONS

Tessa gloss in pink by Wow Skins (lucky chairs) 

Thorn roses headpiece by Astralia 

Fairy Princess crown, anklet, and bracelets by MA

Jasmine Sheer Scarf in Pepper by (BYRNE) at Swank

Peace dress by Destiny Style at Swank

Malibu heels for slink high feet by [Aleutia] at Swank

Feel Invincible

Sunday, August 21, 2016

If Today Was Your Last Day...Featuring Jumo at Swank August round

I spent the last week with my best friend in Montana.
We did a ton of things we shouldn't have
and lived like there was no tomorrow.
We have a ton of unbelievable stories that we will tell
over and over and nobody will believe...
but they are true.
We laughed and talked about deep things...
and just enjoyed our friendship.
We have both had near death experiences and
lived through them..
Neither of us are ready to stop living or to waste one more
minute of our time...
so what would you do if you knew your time was limited? 

Atalia hair by Truth

Blossom headpiece in white by Astralia (gacha)

YOUnique eyeshadow by Jumo
Made for Mesh Heads but includes classic avatars

Nubia Lips by Jumo
For mesh heads and classic avatars

Dione skin in cream by Jumo for 199L 
Includes appliers for mesh bodies and Catwa heads

Naomi outfit and Jewelry by Jumo at Swank August Round for 399L

Manhattan heels by VG Shoes

High Society Poses by {NANTRA}

If Today Was Your Last Day

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cause She's a Goddess...Featuring Jumo and Swank with Luminesse, Culco, TM creations, 3rd Eye Perceptions

Every woman has a goddess within.
I wish more women knew just what a goddess they have inside,
waiting to come out and show how amazing she is.
We all waste too much time thinking we are not
pretty enough, hating parts of our body
and wishing away the days on wishing to be someone

Find the Goddess within you and shine!

gnossiennes hair by Analog Dog

Passion lips in cloudberry by Jumo

Vices eye makeup in midnight by Glamorize

Sassari Malvolia jewelry set by Luminesse at Swank

Oriental Dress in sapphire by Culco at Swank

Asian garden plants rocks by TM creations at Swank

Garden Arrangement by TM creations at Swank

Ground cover cherry blossom by TM creations at Swank

Eternal Steps Fountain by 3rd Eye Perceptions at Swank

Cause She's a Goddess

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fly To The Angels...Featuring Jumo and Chop Zuey

I am on a week vacation with one of my best friends. 
People flock around her, 
she draws in a crowd and everyone wants to be her center of attention.
Life is never boring with her around. 
So this one is dedicated to her and her amazing 
charismatic personality...
not to mention that I just spent the weekend
at Rock the Rivers 3 day concert with 
80's music reminding me of long ago times 
when I was young and the world was new and 
full of possibilities. 
Here's to a fresh start in my RL 
and to good friends!

Amore Rose Tiara by Modern Couture 

Stella hair by elua 

Smoke eyeshadow by La Boheme 

Alexa lips in bardot by Jumo

San Guerlain Cameo texture change jewelry set by Chop Zuey

Hermia gown by !gO!

Fly To The Angels

Friday, August 12, 2016

Isn't She Lovely...Featuring Jumo and Designer Circle with MESANGE, Awear, Chic Princess, Persefona

Day dreamin' is so much fun~
what would life be like if we didn't
day dream?

I day dream that I win the lottery...
I day dream that I find true love...
I day dream about the amazing house I will
have to entertain my grand kids someday.
(no I do not have grand kids, it's day dreaming.)

Where would we be if not for day dreams.
Everything created in life began with a dream...

So dream!

Atalia hair by Truth

Nataly black eyeliner in red by Jumo

Alexa lips in deep red by Jumo

Legend Eyes 3 by MESANGE at Designer Circle

Secret garden tatoo in black by Awear at Designer Circle

Thrills Dress by Chic Princess by Designer Circle

Head fireflies by Persefona at Designer Circle

Isn't She Lovely

Girlfriend...Featuring We Love To Blog and Designer Circle with Indulge Temptation, "LX" Essentials, Loordes of London

I think we all have one of those guys that we know
that we don't like their girlfriend.
Sometimes we even wanna be that girl...
and feel like we can be a better girl for him.

Well, my bestest friend in RL has finally found
that guy that makes her giddy.

So freakin excited for her.
She can't talk about anything else.
Love seeing her so happy!!

Oriana Hair by Truth

Mysterious lipstick in earthy by L'Anguisette

Vera eyeshadow in dark amethyst by !Musa!

Silver cell phone (gacha) by David Heather 

Samsara jewelry set 7 by Indulge Temptation at Designer Circle

Amanda skirt in Naturals by *LX* Essentials at Designer Circle

All in Knots 9 by Loordes of London at Designer Circle


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Chandelier...Featuring Swank with Heartsdale Jewellery, ISA D ORABLE, Glitter

Swank is featuring fashions from around the world.

I think SL is so much fun because you can
be friends with people throughout the world.

So head on over and celebrate!

Marceline hair by Wasabi Pills

Camilla eyeshadow by Dulce Secrets at Swank

Mysterious lipstick in Pretty in pink by L'Anguisette

Bollywood princess jewelry by Heartsdale Jewellery at Swank

Indira Bleu outfit by ISA D ORABLE at Swank

GP Female poses by Glitter poses at Swank

 This is my sl auntie and Vi...
they photo bombed my photo shoot!
hehe...gotta love family!!!