Friday, July 21, 2017

Heartbreaker...Featuring Chop Zuey at eBENTO Event and Swank with TM creations

May my eyes be blind to the negativity of this world,
may I continue to be true to my inate nature
and not only see the good but to bring it out in others.
May I always find the good in all things
and remember that I am worth it!!

Piirto hair by Tukinowaguma at Cosmopolitan

Fairy Wings Vine by ?
This was a gacha item, but I have no idea who the designer is.
They neither marked the box/folder nor put in who the owner was on the object.
So sorry.

Staff, headpiece, blindfold and rose petals by May's Soul (gacha)

Papillon Palm Rings by Chop Zuey at eBENTO Event

Celestial Queen outfit by Moon Elixir at Crystal Heart Event (gacha)

Maya boots by Blanco Original at Cosmopolitan

Asian garden plants and rocks arrangement by TM creations at Swank


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

All Summer long...Featuring Swank with BELIER Cosmetics, Luminesse Unique Exotic Jewelry, Prism by Journey, L.A. Boss

Summer is here and its too damn hot to go outside.

Haha, but it still feels so good at the pool or the beach.
So get out there in the water and cool off!
Taren hat and hair by Truth at Uber

Glossy Lipstick by BELIER Cosmetics at Swank

Dekira Evene Jewelry by Luminesse Unique Exotic Jewelry at Swank

Poetry Dress and Panties By Journey from Prism at Swank

Beach Ball Pose by L.A. Bos at Swank

All Summer Long

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Walk in the Forest...Featuring Swank with irrISIStible

We are one and no success can exist for us 
unless we learn to love each other.
~Forest Whitaker~

Side Pony & Lock by Tableau Vivant

Tropical Goddess outfit by irrISIStible at Swank

A Walk in the Forest

Friday, July 14, 2017

La La La...Featuring Swank with REBELLION, Modern Couture, PurpleMoon, Nailed It

So sick in RL. No words of wisdom to be told.
I think I need some Tai food.
Anyone gonna get me some???
Double ear infection and sinus infection...
shoot me!!
Delta hair by Truth

Orion Shades by REBELLION at Swank

Rugaji earrings by Modern Couture at Swank

Makena outfit by PurpleMoon at Swank

Bright Set nails by Nailed It at Swank

Portrait pose by Nanika

La La La

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lush Life...Featuring Chop Zuey at Designer Showcase and Swank with Jumo

There are many beautiful people in this world.
Don't forget that you are one of them!!

Arwen hair by Truth

Cote Sauvage jewelry set in Cyan by Chop Zuey at Designer Showcase

Mink Princess Stole in brown by ryvolter 

Charlotte Gown by Jumo at Swank

Lush Life

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Momma...Featuring Swank with Wren's Nest, ALMA Makeup, Modern Couture, JS Creation

One of my most favorite places that I have
had the privilage to visit is the Carribean.
The white sand and warm water are so titalizing.
I dream of being able to visit again.
Until that day, I have so many great memories! 

Passiflora headpiece in green by LODE

Genesis hair by Truth

Isla tall & Slender shape by Wren's Nest at Swank

Tropical Island makeup by ALMA Makeup at Swank

Colore Necklace in blue by Modern Couture at Swank

Palms Dress in cyan by JS Creation at Swank

Alex pose 010 by j'adore


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Dear Ophelia...Featuring Anastasia Design and Chop Zuey at Designer Showcase

Steampunk is what happens when goth's find brown!!

I love the steampunk fashions, they are so much fun.
Not sure that was what the designer had in mind when she
made this outfit, but it fits so well.
If you have not discovered Anastasia Designs yet,
head on over and take a look.
You won't be disappointed.

Steampunk cap by LES Fees Endomies

Bun pigtails by Tableau Vivant

Terri Ensemble by Anastasia Designs Group Gift

Cote Sauvage jewelry set by Chop Zuey at Designer Showcase

Pipes poses by exposeur

Dear Ophelia