Friday, August 17, 2018

No Erasin'...Featuring Swank with Luminesse, Luxe Paris

I am always trying to find the best of myself.
Always pushing past my comfort zones..
always trying to find a better me.

I have made mistakes,
I have done things I am not proud of...
there is no erasing the past.
Embrace it!
You would not be the person you are today
without your past.
Fiju hair by Truth

Demmi Jewlery by Luminesse at Swank

Bubble dress in blue by Luxe Paris at Swank

No Erasin'

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

You are the Reason...Featuring Swank with Letituier, ALMA Makeup, Jumo

Find a reason and go get dressed up and go out!
We all need to feel fabulous, adored and loved.
There is nothing like the feeling of looking
amazing and going out on the town.

Head over to Swank and find the perfect way to
make you shine!
Jony Hair by Letituier at Swank

My Liners by ALMA Makeup at Swank

Elvish necklace in gold by LesEncantades

Jewel Gown by Jumo at Swank

Freesia hand accessory by LODE


Paris by Exposeur

You are the Reason

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Again...Featuring Swank with Sascha's Designs

When I was in high school...
my best friends mom took us to get sexy underware.
She told us that its important for you to feel sexy...
even if nobody else sees it.

Go make yourself sexy!
Bloom hair by Truth

Freya White dress by Sascha's Designs at Swank

Backdrop Fire Escape by BellePoses


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Hooked...Featuring Swank with Letituier, irrISIStible

Life is a fantasy...
Get hooked on whatever it is that you love in life.
I love SL cuz it let's you fullfill all those fantasies
in a really safe way.
Remember to always seek out the good...
and you will in return get the good back.

Melina hair by Letituier at Swank

Lotus Pocus Witch outfit by irrISIStible at Swank

Flapping Faery Wings by Epic

Magic Night Wand by Pillows

Hocus Pocus Mr Biggiesworth by Birdy

Temptress pose by <K&S>

Ink Drops Suit spankles by E.V.E. 


Tornado Nebula Eye in white by E.V.E.

Wedding on the grass long table by Cherry House

Lacrima ligno in gold by Air

Why Don't We...Featuring Swank with Firelight, Heartsdale Jewellery, AnaStyle

I hope your summer has been as amazing as mine has.
I can see the end of summer coming soon and I will miss it.
But a lot to look forward to this fall...
Bring it on life...
looking forward...always!

[PU] Shiva Tattoo 

FH Curls by Firelight at Swank

Dholki Necklace in Silver by Heartsdale Jewellery at Swank

Matilde outfit by AnaStyle at Swank

Aftermath bento pose by HERA at Cosmopolitan

Thursday, July 12, 2018

5 Seconds of Summer...Featuring Swank with Charme, Heartsdale Jewellery, You Got The Look, Avada, AnaStyle's

Devina hair by Charme at Swank

Lei Lei Garland, hair flowers and bracelets by Heartsdale Jewellery at Swank

Sun Tan Lines by You Got The Look at Swank

Sorriso Felice lipstick for catwa heads by Avada at Swank
(Laq and Lelutkia are included)

Sammy swimsuit by AnaStyle's at Swank

5 Seconds of Summer

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Take Me As I Am...Featuring Swank with Giuliadesign, Zuri, Juna

If you really love someone,
you will accept them with
all their flaws.

Remember not to try to make someone into
what you want them to be...but love them
for what they really are.
Potion hair by Lamb

Cinderella red dress by Giuliadesign at Swank

Sweet Elegance jewelry by Zuri at Swank

Logan tattoo by Juna at Swank


Take Me As I Am