Monday, September 26, 2016

What's My Name...Featuring Designer Circle with Wow Skins, MESANGE, StormCrow Design's, Apple Heart Inc., Icons Of Style

So as we get older we find out things...
things that break our hearts,
take us to years gone by...
and we get to relive things we thought
we left behind.

This week I got reacquainted with an old friend.
We both had wanted the same guy.
I didn't realize it at the time.
I was the one dating him...
I guess she pined.
So we lost touch, somewhere along the way,
I don't even remember why.
So I come to find out,
she slept with my husband...

I hate that sometimes you get to go back
and relive some bad times in your life...
things you thought you got over
come back callin,
and in an instant you are back
Feeling all the pain again...

Life sucks some days.

iphito hair in pitch black by adoness

Eyeshadow Mermaid fairy in Basslet by !Musa!

lips in brightpink by Death Row

Claudette fur shrug in noir by Indyra (past Cosmopolitan gift)

Nadine skin in tan by Wow Skins at Designer Circle

Melusine Eyes 5 by MESANGE at Designer Circle

Jenny Mini Dress with Bra & Undies by StormCrow Design's at Designer Circle

High Heels for slink feet by Apple Heart Inc. at Designer Circle
Also avaliable in Belleza and Maitreya

Hannah poses by Icons of Style at Designer Circle

What's My Name

You Know I'm No Good...Featuring Heth Haute Couture and Designer Circle with Sinful Curves Skins

The saddest thing ever is to see a young life get snuffed out
before you see what they can become.

I loved Amy Winehouse,
I love jazz and her unique style
was amazing.
I am glad she shared a piece of herself with us before
she lost her battle with drugs.
I can only pray that my children
and grandchildren yet to be born,
that they will not have such struggles
and I do not have to see the loss of something amazing
due to bad choices. 

Winehouse hair in brown by Vanity Hair

Common blosson accessory [Mix pink] by Astralia

Eyeshadow Adela in brown by Musa

L'eau Castro Lip gloss 1 by [mock]

Queen of SL jewelry by Heth Haute Couture

 Veronica Dress in Mirage by Sinful Curves Skins at Designer Circle

You Know I'm No Good

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Love Song...Featuring Swank with Ghostyss

As humans we seem to need a lot of reassurance.
Sometimes we need a love song to show us that
we are worth something.
We need someone to sing to us,
someone to tell us we are their everything.
And sometimes it is so hard to give someone
who is insecure the things they need.
We really shouldn't rely on anyone
but ourselves to feel happy and fulfilled.
It really isn't fair to someone else
for you to need reassurance
all the time.
Know that you are good enough,
know that you are enough...
and don't need a love song.

Lialson hair by Exile

Avery eyeshadow in cottoncandy by !Musa!

Alexa Lips in Lavender by Jumo

Vintage Pearl necklace with key by Zenith

Amandine gown by Ghostyss at Swank

Formal Gloves by Sweet Tea

Love Song

Friday, September 23, 2016

Smoke...Featuring Swank with Jumo

Like a Fool hair in brown by Vanity Hair

Duck lips in Coal by Pink Acid

Carla Brune Jumpsuit and jewelry by Jumo at Swank
Price: 399 Lindens Single Packs - 1200 Fat Pack

New York shows in red by VG Shoes

Instinct chair with poses by Nantra

Awww miss the good ol' days.
Sometimes there are songs that take you
someplace than where you are at.
Music can sooth the soul,
bring you back in time...
and make you dream!


Strike a Pose...Featuring Swank with Letituier, Dulce Secrets, Modern Couture, Prey, Alter

It's fun to get into fashion!
Ya know Halloween is coming up and that is
my favorite day of the year.
When else can you dress up like anyone
or anything and not get judged?
But even if it's not Halloween
I hope you will find your own style,
dress like nobody is looking
and be yourself. 


Angelica Hair in black by Letituier at Swank

Dappled Sea Eyes by Dulce Secrets at Swank

Aaliya eyeshadow in gold by !Musa!

Lauren lips in dark cherry by AIMI

Kalac jewelry in Pretol by Modern Couture at Swank

New York cuffs in obsidian by Jumo

Endangered outfit by Prey at Swank

York Sexy Shoes in black by Alter at Swank

Strike a Pose

Thursday, September 22, 2016

California Dreamin...Featuring Swank with Heartsdale, Keresma, Dreamland Designs

Lida hair by Sintiklia at Cosmetic Fair

Mystic Rainbow jewelry set by Heartsdale at Swank

Strappy Romper by Keresma at Swank

Autumn Chilling Stump by Dreamland Designs at Swank

Mossy Autumn couples log by Dreamland Designs at Swank

Color of Autumn Pathway flowers by Dreamland Designs at Swank

California Dreamin

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Love Me Tender...Featuring Jumo and We Love To Blog with Indulge Temptation! at Addicted to Black Event and dafnis at Be Beautiful Event just gotta give a good spanking!!

Scorpio hair by Sintiklia

Nataly black eyeliner in royal by Jumo

Lipstick in Electric Red by Pink Acid

Chunky Chain by Indulge Temptation! at Addicted To Black Event

Natalie shorts, Teresa Jacket by dafnis at Be Beautiful Event

Yes Mistress pose with riding crop by Nantra

Love Me Tender