Saturday, December 28, 2013

Donkey Skin...A love Story. Featuring the Prince In Search and the Princess As Bright as Sun

.::Donkey Skin::. 
A Love Story
Was inspired by Banba Muircastle.  This theatrical event focused on fashion is a 20 scene play / fashion show, consisting of  27 outfits for females and males designed over 6 months by Banba. The stage was designed and built by Banba, with the collaborative efforts of several master builders in SL.  This event has been 10 months in the making and is a landmark event for the SL fashion world.

Designs by Banda Muircastle

Casting and Direction by


Ava Jhamin


Introducing The Prince In Search and Princess As Bright as Sun Collections

Prince In Search to be played by  Taylor Falconvale
 Styled by:
.::DONKEY SKIN::. Prince Collection : .::The Search::.

 Princess Bride to be played by Flora Raven
Styled by:
.::DONKEY SKIN::. Princess Collection : .::Princess Bride::.
 Finesmith Holiday Tale lashes gold

Head Piece
Zuri Rayna Autumn Lust Head piece

Your personal invitation: 
Dear Friends,
Please join me for the SecondLife premiere of this theatrical fashion event
♥ Saturday  ~  4th of January 2014
♥ @ 11 am SLt
↓↓тєlєρσгят To .:L'Amour Donkey Skin Audience
We ask that you arrive prior to the event start time to find your seat. Also, please lower your scripts by removing all un-necessary huds and scripted items to help keep the event lag-free and flowing smoothinly.   Vendors for each outfit will be on-site.
|I{•------»The History Behind This Event«------•}I|
Once upon a time, Banba Muircastle...
Thus, these creations are the outpouring of her love, her loss and sorrow... and it almost was her death in SecondLife.
The garments were created between February and July 2013; the props, sets, and stage setting, poses, some build textures  are a collaborative effort with several incredible builders who will be honored at the show.
So, please come experience a broken heart that was redemed and brought back to life by the CREATIVITY available to all of us here in this dimension of life.
      _ . ; _ ' - . _
    {  ` - - . - ' _ ,  }
  {  . ' - ` . _ ; - '  ;
     ` ' - - . _ . - '
              .-\ \,  -"-.             ♥ ℓღνє,
              `- \(  '-.    \             ♥ Bαηвα
                   \ ;---,/
               -""-;  \
             /     .-' ) \
             \ , ---'` \ \

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