Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SOULS Collection~ Breath of Souls By Bohemian Gypsy

This dress reminds me of a time when 
I was very happy in my life.
 I stepped off of a fairy in Delaware, 
walked down to touch land for my first time.
The wind was bitter cold, but the ocean was so beautiful.
I had the most amazing man on my arm 
 and felt like I could achieve anything. 
Here's to Ed.

::Bohemian Gypsy:: . Souls Collection-  Breath of Soul

Every man dreams of breathing in the essence of a woman.
Draw him near to you.
Once he has taken in the breath of your soul,
every breath he takes will be spent wishing you were near.


Dress by
::Bohemian Gypsy:: . Souls Collection-  Breath of Soul
Bohemian Gypsy

Hair by
A&A Jill Hair Goldblonde

When all else fails, use the cookie gun!!

Adele Skyfall

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