Monday, March 17, 2014

Miss Fashion First Round

Introducing the Miss Fashion Pageant

We were given a designer to represent in our styling.

This was to qualify being in the pageant. 

I chose to represent this style of Yohji Yamamoto because I loved his use of oversized jackets. I adore the satchel that he designed. So in homage to him, I paired the two.
I joined the Miss Fashion 2014 Contest because I love what KV does and stands for. I hope to eventually meet those standards. I also have designer friends who are part of the competition who encouraged me to join.
Fashion for me is innovation, definition of self, and art. Fashion is a way to re-event yourself over and over, always becoming better.
Winning would mean that I have progressed in my SL career. It would be an opportunity to further grown in the SL fashion community.
Miss Fashion should be graceful, innovative, progressive, and a team player.

Yay! I made it past the first round. But boy do I still have a lot to learn. 

I'm so excited! (yea goin old school) 

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