Sunday, June 22, 2014

Graffitiwear at Designer Circle

So, this is my first blog for Designer Circle. OMG, if you have not been over there, you better go!
I dedicate this blog to myself, who is my best friend. I am always there when I need me, 
I always listen when nobody else will, 
I make a great dinner date....and well, I am just that goodlooking. 
So here's to me. (and to anyone else who has found the need to be your own best friend.)
But, just a warning to anyone who wants the job of my bestie, 
I hog the pillow, I talk with my mouth full...
and well, ya know!

These outfits are adorable, they come in three different pant textures. 
The cami and shoes come along, and the shoes...yes! you guessed it,
 I can use with my slinks flats. WOOT!

From left to right
Country Garden Landscape Pants Outfit by Graffitiwear for 95L
Japanese Garden Landscape Pants Outfitby Graffitiwear for 95L
Mountain Landscape Pants Outfit by Graffitiwear for 95L
You can find them at:

Get out there and cure your
Summertime Sadness

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