Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Who Said? Designer Circle featuring Nya's, Essenz and BEPPIN

Who said? Who said? Who, who, who said????

Today's blog is dedicated to my niece who 
is the most beautiful girl in the world. 
But I don't think she knows she is, and she certainly 
does not act like she believes it. 
So....I wanna wrap my arms around her 
and ask her..
Who says? 

I wish you could see yourself through my eyes...
you are so beautiful!

*Nya's*Beach dress in Pattern Tangerine
The dress also comes in: Irish Linen, Lilac Bloom, Lagoon, 
Mint, Papaya, Pattern Cream, Pattern Lagoon,  Pattern Mint, 
 and Pattern Orchid.

Shoes: Berlin by Essenz for 100L @ Designer Circle

Clutch: Co-Co Lee Cluch by BEPPIN! in Corak 
for70L/color @ Designer Circle

 Hair: Melita by Truth @ Marketplace

Jewelry: Halloween Hunt at Purple Moon
Not available

Makup: Glitter Makeup by Vogue in Midnight and Orange 

Dear Aubry: Who says?

PS, I am no beauty queen, I am just beautiful me, and so are you!

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