Thursday, July 24, 2014

I pray for you...Designer Circle featuring GIULIADESIGN, Essenz and IOS

This blog is dedicated to a friend. 
I won't call her out, but she will know. 

Sometimes we have bad breakups. 
But, be the better guy, 
Pray for those that hurt you. 

Pray hard, pray often, then pray some more. 
There are a lot of people in the world that are ready to take advantage of you. 
But, when things go so horribly wrong, look to those
who support you. 
They far outweigh the ones who mean us harm. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Get on your knees, and pray for them.

Check out this amazing
pose box with 50
different poses. 
So much fun! Go grab one!

ASTRID outfit by ***GIULIADESIGN*** for 100L 
 Rhodes shoes in white by Essenz for 100L each
for slink mid feet, available in 6 colors
 Photo Box with 50 poses by IOS for 85L
Boxes come in (black, red and white) or (pink, blue and white)
Designer Circle

 Shimmer Romance Polish for Slink hands by -{ZOZ}- 
Exclusively from July 15-30th

Holli hair in Candy by Ploom

Hot Summer mesh Bangles by Phoebe
No longer avaliable
Slink elegant hands and Slink Mid feet

* No actual men were severely injured in the making of this blog. 
*Although it was thought about. 
* Oh snap, go pray for me too!

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