Monday, August 4, 2014

Zanze New Release....get blown away

Do you ever feel so caught up with things that you are blown away? 
the twister comes out of nowhere and pulls you off your feet.
You are helpless....out of control, 

So you fly. 

Get blow away by the new outfit by Zanze. It comes in 6 different colors. 
Let your feet get pulled off the ground, 
learn to fly. 

Being blown away can have so many meanings...
the cuteness of this outfit blew me away. 
The winds blew me away with the rose petals. 
He pissed me off so I blew him away. 

HAHA, ok, I had to put that last one in.

So... when your feet are off the ground, and things are coming apart, 


Lexy Jumper by Zanze 

Roosje hair By Mina Hair
I got this one in a hunt...go, might have it too

Late Bloomer jewelry and headdress by F I N E S M I T H

Petal Poses (Rose petals and pose) by label motion
Slink Hands and Feet

Blown away.....

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  1. hey long time sweet hope u doing ok i took off 4 a while very busy real life -RL my sweet h is sl hahah like i missed it be bck maybe late nov been out 5 month now got new hm 3 hm now n new dog call lassie jewel i sure did ill show u later just wanted to drop a line to my sweet sis :) r u still in that ren? hs is Ana she still come around ? ok then lov u sis chow drop me a note n tell ok chow chow ! lov brother Ziggy :) ps- btw love yr post pic very nice jew:)