Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dancing in the rain....Featuring Trend Fashion Fair with StormCrow, VG, ILLI

Fall is coming...

And it is magical to me. 
Everything changes to spectacular colors. 

Fall is by far my favorite season, Halloween is just around 
the corner, where for a day, you can be anyone 
or anything you can dream of. 

(This is where I stand in the rain, twirling around in circles
as I breath in the cool, crisp air.)
Love, love, love 
the fall!

Come dance with me in the rain!

Winter Jacket in Black by StormCrow Design's
Trend Fashion Fair

Pants from the Rachelle Suit by VG Shoes
Trend Fashion Fair

Divina Shoes for Slink High feet by ..::ILLI::..
Trend Fashion Fair

Dimension Makeup3 in Spellbound by AVOKI
Group Gift/No longer avaliable

Kei hair in Brown by +elua+
Group Gift

Slink Elegant Hands and High Slink Feet

Umbrella in Rainbow 2 by RO
gatcha machine (I found it at a gatcha yardsale)

Dancing in the rain

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