Thursday, September 18, 2014

Heart of Gold....Featuring PENUMBRA Autumn/Winter Fashion Week with Jumo


 If you are like me, and you are still searching...
for that elusive heart of gold...
I hear the wait is worth it.

I know there are lost of people out there who possess
many things.
Among those attributes, there are still
gems among the stones.

So search, and wait...
but most of all,
be true to

 Orient Gown in Gold by Jumo
PENUMBRA Fashion Week

Orient Bright Jewels by Jumo
PENUMBRA Fashion Week

Bette Makeup in Choco by Oceane

Jane V2 Hair by RunAway

Slink Elegant Hands

Location of sim where photo was taken:
Photo Location

Searchin for a heart of gold...

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