Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Candy Store...Featuring Sneak Peak with M&M

Candy, candy, candy!

Can't get enough....so sweet, so yummy, so divine.

Gobstoppers, never ending...
life savors....1000 flavors...

yea I got a sweet tooth and you are such
a sugar rush!!

Yep, yep, kid in a candy store!!
( look away so I can lick him some more)

Sexy Bomb Dress by M&M
Sneak Peak

Ebony Lust Eye Makeup 4 by Glamorize

Whimsical designs Candyland Kate Makeup by Madrid Solo
Event Special

Straps Heels in Crystal Pink by Glow Designs
Glow Designs

Rising Dawn Hair by Exile

Pastell Lolliswirl in pink by Nuville
Haunted House 2013

Candy Store

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