Monday, October 27, 2014

Myths and Legends with Miss Virtual World

The ancient Native American Indian Legend of the Raven.

In the beginning of the world, Grey Eagle was the guardian of the sun, moon, stars, fresh water and fire. Grey Eagle hated the people so much that they were hidden away. Raven transformed himself from a handsome man into a snow white bird to gain favor with Grey Eagle. When he was invited into Grey Eagle's home, he stole the items and fled through the chimney.

Raven hung the sun, moon and stars and they lit the sky. He dropped the water and it gave the world fresh water. Then the Raven flew on, holding the fire in his beak The smoke from the fire blew back over his white feathers and made them black. When his bill began to burn he dropped the fire, that is why when you strike two rocks you get fire.

Ravens feathers never became white again after being blackened by the smoke of the fire. That is why Raven is now a black bird.

Jewel chose the Raven because of his courage to change not only himself but the world. Hey styling representing the Raven as it is blackened by the torch on the top with falling charred feathers, the wings turning to gray as the smoke touches them, and the still snow white feathers at the bottom, untouched by the flames. 

Styling by:

Creatura Headpiece by Purple Moon

Shiori Hair by Zibska

Torch by The Black Forest

Twigs Hair Base by Paperbag

Fairy Face Tattoo in silver by White~Widow
White Widow

Lash Out by Madrid Solo
Madrid solo

Duck Lips in coal by Pink Acid
Pink Acid

Melancholy Collar in Frost by RO

Royal Blush Earrings in Blush Green by Lazuri

Morrighan Dress in pearl by deviousMind

Competition Ivory Rose Bustle by Romance Couture
Competition bundle 2013

Le Noir Petals by TDS

Black Magical Wings from the Black Angel Dress by Boudoir

Sling nails in Style Set by finesmith

Nevermore Heels for Slink High feet in gold by Lassitude & ennui
Secret Affair

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