Sunday, November 30, 2014

Miss Virtual World 2015 Swimsuit Competition

Everything is coming up roses!
Red roses symbolize love, beauty, respect and passion, all tributes that Jewel hopes to posses and emulate.
Jewel is wrapped from head to foot in roses, adorned with diamonds and every step she takes is with royal intention.

Jewel is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood, so proceed with caution. Oh my!

Designers Include:

MVW 2014 Swimsuit by Tres Beau

 Romantic Dreams Nails for Slink Hands and Feet by -{ZOZ}-

 Shena Makeup in blue by Madrid Solo

 Petal Lips in Harlot by Glamorize

 Royal Heels for slink feet by NeverWish

 Salimah Jewelry by Jumo

 Rose Shoulder piece and falling petals from Couture Vortex in Red by Boudoir

Thorns and Roses feet jewelry by Glint

Yvette Hair by Tukinawaguma

She stands on the stage with the big spot light blinding her, she puts up her hand to shade the light from her eyes. She timidly starts singing...then grows more and more confident, until she breaks out in outright song. Yes, everything's coming up roses!!!
As the finale of the song comes to a close. Her breasts heave breathlessly as the curtain closes and the lights dim...her moment in the spotlight is over.

Everything's Coming Up Roses

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