Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I aint f***in with you....Featuring LJB Ink and Designer Circle with WoW Skins, Mu-Shi Doll, HEYDRA

Giving a shout out for my gma and gpa's club!! 
Come party with us, we are about to open a brand new club!! 
Come play at Sapphire!

My other shout out for the day is to the dumb ass bitch that will 
not leave my family alone. 
Homegirl not giving you enough attention? 
Well no matter cuz we got a million trillion things we would rather do then to worry
about you!!

Please don't go away angry, just go away!

Dragon Tattoo Combination by LJB-Ink

Romina skin by WoW Skins

"Snake" Strapped miniskirt in black by Mu-Shi Doll

Monroe Heels in black by HEYDRA

Hotshot Lips in Red 2 by Glamorize

Red Dawn Eyeshadow by Madrid Solo

SkullPhones GTAVPC From nowhere by DjK
Previous Gatcha

Pop Scotch hair by Analog Dog

BlackGlossBangles by Baubles! by Phe

Magnum Mysterium Necklace by Chop Zuey
Past group gift

Drop facial piercings by Vampgoth
No longer avaliable

I aint fuckin with you...

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