Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Save a horse ride a cowboy....Featuring Fashion 4Life with Yasum

Fashion 4Life Teaser 
Event to open March 21st through March 29th

Everyone knows the saying, save a horse ride a cowboy. 
You can find the perfect outfit to do just that at the 
Fashion 4Life Event. 
So what are you waiting for, grab your rope, 
grab your cowboy, and ride!

Country Shirt by Yasum
Fashoin 4Life

Country Jeans in Boots Version by Yasum
Fashoin 4Life

Kanade cowboy Hat in chestnut by ARGRACE

Mauve pink makeup in matte 1 by BlackLiquid

Christmas 2013 Eyeshadow in 12 by Dulce Secrets
No longer Avaliable

Backpack from the Nyle outfit by Severed Garden
Severed Garden

Save a horse ride a cowboy

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