Saturday, March 21, 2015

Unicorns...Featuring Fashion 4Life with K E L I N I and [[J'adore]]

Fashion 4Life Opens today!!

Unicorns are magical, why not aspire to be like one?
A horn and some magical shoes and an incredible dress is all you need.
Head over to Fashion 4Life, don't miss out on the amazing
designers at this epic event.

Irene Dress in Blue by K E L I N I
Fashion 4Life

Alex poses by [[J'adore]]
Fashion 4Life

Kiss Kiss lips in Light Blue by Enchanted Ink

Unicorn Heels in white by Pixicat
Past event

Angel of My Heart Jewelry by Chop Zuey

Librarian Chic hair by Exile
group gift

Lady Flora Crown Hunt Gift by NSP Floral
Past Group Gift

Lil Unicorn Horn by Sweet Thing
 Past event

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