Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Drive...Featuring Jumo and Sneak Peak with Jumo

Whatever tomorrow brings...I will be there.

In a world that is so upside down, I like to think I would be the one
who sticks around through thick and thin.
I have been through some really hard life challenges and
I have had friends come and go, not too many people stick
around through the hard parts.
When someone comes back after walking away...do you let them
back in? or did they weed themselves out?
If I only had a dollar for every person who told me there would be there
no matter what, I would be a rich person.
But alas, only a handful remain true.

So which are you? true or fair weathered?

Winslet Dress, Jewelry and Shoes by Jumo
Sneak Peek

Nataly Lips in Deep Red by Jumo

Averil Hair by D!va Hair

Fur Stole in silver by Junbug

or the store, which is in construction as we speak

Couture Crown Hat in black by The Mad Hattery
The Mad Hattery


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