Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mother...Featuring ILLI, Jumo, Preptopia and RJB Jewelry

Mother's Day is coming up here in the USA. 
As it approaches of course I think of my own 
mother, and all the ways she was there for me. 
I know no parent is perfect and as a child
I am not sure you realize just how much parents do for you
until you have kids of your own. 
Then you pray they will figure out that everything you did
was for their best interest, even though you are not perfect. 

So today, my thoughts are both with my kids and my mother. 
Prayers and thoughts that they will all know that
I love them very much.

Belleza Zoe Strapped Heels by ILLI

Diana Hair by Jumo

Spring Fling Funky Dress in Shades of Pink by Preptopia

Mother's Day Necklace with Charms by RJB Jewelry
RJB Jewelry

Ava's Pink Ice Leaf Diamond Ring by RJB Jewerly
RJB Jewelry

The Devon Men's Bracelet by HHC

LadyOfHighGarden Headpiece Ultra Rare by Aisling

Purity Lips by Enchanted Ink
No longer avaliable

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