Saturday, May 23, 2015

Beautiful...Featuring Finesmith and Zanze

You are beautiful,
inside, outside, there is beauty in every one of us.
The thing is, we let others tell us that there is something
wrong with us.
When we are born we are invincible, at least in our minds.
We start learning when our parents tell us we can't do something, we are too little.
Gradually we are taught we are not good enough, we are not pretty enough, we are not
But we are all whole and beautiful in our own right.

So when someone says you are not or that you can't do something,
don't you listen.

Someone who truly loves you will know you are
beautiful, you are capable, you are
uniquely you!

Eva Gown by Zanze

Karma Jewelry in red by FINESMITH

Elvhenen 10 eyeshadow by LB Glamour Eyes
LB Glamour Eyes

Petal lips in Harlot by Glamorize

Mohawk Shoes for Slink Feet by Jumo in red satin

Cersei hair by Tableau Vivant
Tableau Vivant


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