Saturday, May 16, 2015

Miss Royalty Spring Summer 2015

Welcome JewelOfDeNiel to the stage wearing "Croped Back Gown" by M&M. 
This full length, form fitting gown is a bouquet of color, 
reminding us that no matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.
 This cotton gown is perfect for the beach, 
a stroll through the park or an evening on the town.
 Around her neck and adorning her wrists is the "Symphony" jewelry in gold by Zuri Rayna. 
The gold of the jewelry match the golden flowers
 in the Zenith headpiece that are 
embellishing the "Avena" hair by Truth and drape gently across the hip. 
 The final touches in the outfit are the 
"Kiku" and "Miyabi" corsage flowers that give this
 outfit a more couture look.
So goodbye winter, so long's time to watch the flowers grow.

Designers Include:

Croped back gown by M&M
Gypsy Divine Wreath by Zenith
Kiku Corsage in white by Mandala
Miyabi Corsage in yellow by Mandala
Symphony jewelry by Zuri Rayna
Avena Hair by Truth
Makeup by MakeUp Addiction

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