Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Caught up...Featuring Finesmith and Sneak Peek with Appear

It is soooo easy to get caught up in a feeling, caught up in the energy 
of a crowd.
Whether it is positive or negative, you can find yourself
swept away in the feelin. 
Surround yourself with positive things, and let the negative ones go. 
Get caught up in a feeling that 
makes you feel high.

*no actual drugs were used in the making of this blog. 

Ingrid Dress by Appear
Sneak Peek

Cruz shadow in bernie by #adored

Paris Lips Roses in True Rose by Jumo
The lips come with the Paris Skin

Hortensia Crow (rare) by LODE

Kiku cosage in red by Mandala

Butterflied on hair by Persefona

Intended hair by Magika

Big Necklace in cream by FINESMITH

Taurus Wings by Pure Poison
Past event

Caught Up

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