Monday, June 8, 2015

Color Me Beautiful...Featuring Jumo and Designer Circle with B-DaZZled, Wow Skins, GIULIADESIGN

Is beauty skin deep? 
I think the biggest lesson I have found in life is that beauty is not just skin deep. 
When you can truly see a persons worth beyond what they look like, you have 
found the greatest joy in life. 

I have known people who are beautiful on the outside, but sooooo ugly on the inside. 
Some of the most beautiful people I know are so unfaithful to their significant other. 
I am not sure that is the best price to pay for beauty. 
Plus beauty is fleeting. 
So if you choose beauty or death...
well you get my drift.

Sweet & Innocent Dress by B-DaZZled
Designer Circle

Shailyn Skin by WoW Skins
Designer Circle

Headpiece from Lea blue by GIULIADESIGN
Designer Circle

Savannah Hair by Jumo

Spring Bright Eyeshadow in sky by Jumo

You've Grown on Me lips by Madrid Solo
Madrid Solo

Shine Heels in White by DE. Boutique (area search)

BatKol jewelry by Finesmith

Color Me Beautiful

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