Thursday, June 4, 2015

Retro with Jumo

 .:JUMO:. Fashion - Exclusive for Event@1st - Harlow Gown

When we think of the world of the 30's, we think of a world full of sparkle, glamour, and glitz. This fashion is inspired with its timeless and elegant lines. The main inspiration behind this gorgeous dress is Jean Harlow. She was the first platinum bombshell. To be sure, there were predecessors, but the contemporary notion of the siren really started with Harlow. The silhouette of the gown you're looking at draws attention to the beautiful curves of your body. The pearl jewelry is  as mesmering as pure moonlight. Think graceful, exceedingly elegant, long floor sweeping gowns  of the iconic era!

Available in five beautiful colors.

Price: 499L

Lately I have been looking back, doing an inventory of 
who are true friends and who are users. Sometimes its good to look back. Sometimes we 
need to take inventory of our lives and see what direction we are going in. 
Sometimes it is necessary to change directions and to move away from the familiar. 
Sometimes we are never going to progress unless we do. 
And sometimes we have people in our lives that have become a cancer. 
What do they so with cancer? They cut it out, remove it and rid your body of it. 
Sometimes we have to do that with out own lives. remove the cancers that are 
plaguing us, bringing us down. 

It is never easy, it comes with great pain, but it is necessary. 
Remember your life is what you make of it. 
Make it amazing, and do some retro thinking.

Harlow Dress and Jewelry by Jumo
1st Event

Til Death lipstick by Glamorize

Cruz shadow in oceany by #adored

Eyebrow Pack 002 in Blonde by Jumo

No Eyebrows by unBra

Temptation hair in Inkpot by little bones
little bones

Retro 50's

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