Sunday, July 12, 2015

I'm Comin Home...Featuring SWANK with *Js* Creations

ASHTON Lt. Warm Skybox by *Js* Creations at SWANK

Do you have a premium Second Life account?
I do, and I HATE the house that comes on the land. It's not pretty, and you cant delete it and put up something else.
Well here is a solution to your problem.
This little skybox was built with the SL premium owner in mind.
Just open it, set it to the height you wish to rezz it in the sky,
and BAM!
 A Skybox that is low prims! f you shop carefully you can find all low prim items to go into
your new house and make it amazing.
Here is what I found.
(mind you, the LL property comes with I think 117 prim allowances)

OMG, its so cute!!

Living room:

Noble Heart class couch by [Dolphin Design]
No longer avaliable, but check out their other stuff
Dolphin Designs

Jewel Mesh rug 2
This came out of one of the inVerse houses

Floria Flower Vase, antique clock, candle sticks, books from Floria Bedroom set by Bazar

Animated Picture

Etagere deco "KCc"


Arizona Bedroom set

Closet wardrobe

Here is the advertisement for the Skybox, it is bigger than you may think.
What I love most about it is the room to cam, I hate small skyboxes that your camera goes crazy.
You don't have that issue in this. It's great!

I'm comin home

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