Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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Skybox gift

There is an amazing skybox gift over at SWANK. 
It is a Contemporary Skybox made just for 
Linden Lab houses. 
Not that you can't use it anywhere, but it will fit on a LL property. 
It has only 40 prims, so leaves you a lot of room to decorate. 
Go get it, what are you waiting for?

Tip of the day:

When there is a gatcha I have to have, I first look on marketplace, 
then I get my gatcha hud from LazyGuy and find it somewhere. 
There is always something at a resale lot somewhere. 

Contempo Deco Skybox 2 gift at SWANK by *Js* Creations

Living Room:

SO Rug - Art Shadow Boxes

4 Panel Abstract Art

Table 4 by (Atiya Baar) Tiar
Past Gatcha

Moscow Nights Tea Set porcelain by zerkalo (gatcha)

AF Dolly 2 by Apple Fall

Frame 4 by Phe Yoshikawa
past gift

Classical Couch by HIDEKI
Past gatcha

Elegant Harp "Arbesque" by S&S


Amelie Lounger by Scarlet Creative
Past Gatcha

Meribel Cabinet by Scarlet Creative
Past Gatcha

Bamboo Leaves - CUTOUT

SO Contemporary Rug 4


Apple Fall Slipcover Chairs
Past Event

LazyGuy .05 Ll Table
Past gift

Cabinet by Scarlet Creative from The June Arcade 15
Past Gatcha Item (I found mine at a gatcha resale)

Milk Jug flowers in blue by keke at Season Story

2 baskets from Picnic at the Neva River by zerkalo at Season Story (Gatcha)

wine & Delicacies from Picnic at the Neva River by zekalo at Season Story

Basket with Plums from Picnic at Neva River by Zekalo at Season Story


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