Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I'm worth it....Featuring Swank with Wow Skins, Shi.S. Poses, Prism

Yes, I am worth it, worth treating myself well and
expecting, even demanding, that I be treated well in return.
Most people think that they need a significant other to make them complete,
it is simply not true. Each of us have everything we need
to be complete on our own.
To have a companion is to make you stronger, to enjoy someones
company, but never to complete you.
So remember, you are worth it, you are whole all on your own.
When you have that significant other, they will enhance who you are
not make or break you.

V2 Virginia Skin by Wow Skins at Swank

Despairing Pose by Shi.S. Poses for 65L at Swank

Puanani Hawaiian Bathing Suit by Prism at Swank

Alisa Slink High Heels by Prism at Swank

Dreamtime unisex Bracelet by Dahlinks Jewelry
PoE6 gift

Celestial Necklace - Burst in gold by Yummy

Tiare in white/pink (hair flower) by BOOM
No longer avaliable

Dara Hair by Pr!tty

Sunglasses Rhamona in blue by Amarelo Manga
Previous event

I'm worth it


  1. Thank you for the beautiful post Jewel! <3 Jezzixa Cazalet of Prism Desings