Friday, August 7, 2015

Forgiveness...Featuring Swank with AFI

Sometimes you meet people and disagree. 
They may even hold it against you for years. 
Even trying to hurt you when the chance arises.
When you hold that onto that, 
the person you are really hurting is yourself. 
Most times they have no idea that you are angry
and it may not effect them at all. 
When  you are the one holding the grudge, you are hurting yourself.
The prisoner it really frees is you. 

Element Dress in black by AFI

Petal Lips in Deep Crimson by Glamorize

Ondine 1 eyeshadow by La Boheme at We <3 Roleplay
We <3 Roleplay

VictorianGoth  Royal necklace and Cross Earrings by Devious Minds (gatcha)
Devious Minds

Salimah Bracelets by Jumo

Ashera Headpiece by AZOURY

Clutch in silver by E-Clips
no longer avaliable

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