Saturday, August 1, 2015

What makes me beautiful...Featuring Finesmith

Each one of us has something that makes us beautiful. 
And sometimes those who are most beautiful on the outside
are so ugly on the inside. 

So what makes me beautiful? 
I like to think I have more inner beauty than I have outer beauty. 
I think family comes first, always. 
I enjoy helping out my friends. 
I am some of the most awesome company you will ever have the pleasure of. 
Those kinds of things make me the most beautiful. 

What makes you beautiful?

Set 4b face tat by LB FacePaint Sheba
Past Gatcha

Christmas 2013 eyeshadow 11 by Dulce Secrets
Past gift

Yellow spray by Damned

Butterfly attachments from the Shino dress by Azul

Sissy flower headpiece and shoulder piece by Bauhaus Movement at The Season Story
Season Story

Perfect Date dress by Finesmith

Lillian Hair by Elikatira

What makes me beautiful

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