Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bad Bitch...Featuring Shey and Apply Me! with Xxxtasi

Every woman should be so self confident that they are
able to say, I am a woman, I am feminine, but I will not be messed with.

Grab ahold of what makes you you,
and show your confidence.
It is sooo attractive to see a man or woman with confidence.

So strut your stuff.

Britney hair by enVogue

Paris Lips Roses in Barbie by Jumo

Nataly Black Eyeliner in Rose by Jumo

Amore Rose jewelry by Modern.Couture

Zira Shoulder Goat Fur Coat by ryvolter

Hold me BodySuit in Pink by Xxxtasi at Apply Me!
Apply Me!

Baltimore Stilettos for slink high feet by SHEY
(also includes meet for MYTR and NC and color hud)

Bad Bitch

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