Sunday, September 13, 2015

Home Sweet Home...Featuring Swank with LaVian, Semi-Precious, SAMSYSTEM, CIRCA

Sometimes there is nothing better than Home Sweet Home.
The funnest thing about SL is being able to create anything you want.
With the new mesh items, it is fun to be able to create your space just like you want it.
This set comes with a trunk with sit options, a chair with sit options, a mirror and table with
decorations...oh and rug.
So cute!
The cat came from the Gatcha Carnival, a perfect addition for your home sweet home.
Don't forget to check out the SAMSYSTEM, added privacy for your SL home adventures.

L'eau Castro gloss by [mock] (free tester)

cruz shadow in mauvey by #adored
past gift

Hair No. 25'14 in brunettes by Red Mint
No longer available

Essentials The Last Goodbye outfit by LaVian&Co. at Swank

Mae Dark Necklace and earrings by Semi-Precious at Swank
WhiteNoiseBangles by Baubles! by Phe
Baubles! by Phe

Kleidi Necklace in Antique light pack by Semi-Precious at Swank

Home Sweet Home Wall Art by SAMSYSTEM (free gift) at Swank

French Connection living room set by [CIRCA] at Swank

Do Not Disturb One touch security System by SAMSYTEM at Swank
Sam Systems 'Do Not Disturb' allows any user with land rights to lock down a parcel so only those avatars currently present have access. Anyone who attempts to enter the designated area will be denied entry and you and your guest will not be disturbed.

Home Sweet Home

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