Thursday, September 3, 2015

I must be dreaming...Featuring Jumo with Illyria

Some of the new folk lore outfits out there are
really amazing. The instruments has some amazing ones
this round. At the top of the heap would be Jumo.

Transform into a world where you feel like you must be dreaming.
Float off into a fantasy.

Eden hair in light brown by Truth

Eyebrows 002 brown by Jumo

Metallic Lipstick in violet by Pink Fuel
Past hunt

Ondine eye shadow by La Boheme
La Boheme

Illyria Folk Gown, headpiece and Jewelry in Purple Turq. by Jumo for 399L

The Instruments Event is back,
and JUMO is participating
with an exclusive outfit that is appropriate for any occasion,
and always be elegant and stylish.
Illyria is a pret-a-porter and haute couture creation, Pre Fall 2015,
that consists in a two piece dress with a short top
 with long loose sleeves, and a long full skirt.
 It comes in 5 different colors, Black, Blue, Pink, Teal and Yellow,
all of them with high quality textures and details inspired in modern folk.
It also includes the matching jewels for each of them.

I must be dreaming

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