Monday, September 28, 2015

Outerspace...Featuring Sneak Peek with Jumo

Sneak Peek is celebrating the entrance of Autumn this September Round, 
and of course JUMO is presenting a new outfit to join this party. 
Lydian dress is a short printed sequin dress with high, 
black fur collar that makes it particularly unique. 
You have five different colors to choose, 
and they include a headpiece and jewelry to make it even more stylish. 
We are also offering the Lydian high boots in black leather 
that will make the perfect match for your dress. 
Come get them before it's too late!!

Lydian Outfit - 399 Lindens
Lydian Boots - 399 Lindens

Living Light Horns by Plastic at The Body Modification Expo
Body Modification Expo

Adore skin in Anemone by LumaeLumae

Hela - Pearl Eyebrow by Luminary (Gatcha)

Lydian outfit, boots and Jewelry by Jumo at Sneak Peek


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