Saturday, September 12, 2015

There is no such thing as Witches and Magic....Featuring Apply Me! with Posh Pixels, Sweet Evil, Lennie

Another fabulous round to elevate your look and style, Apply Me has clothing, skins, even mesh head, everything you need to keep your mesh body beautiful.  An event this amazing won’t stick around forever, so hurry over before October 20, and upgrade yourself with Apply Me!

You are such a witch!! Yes I have heard that statement before. 
But sometimes it is not such a negative thing. 
It means you know how to stand up for yourself. 

When it comes to fall and All Hallows Eve, 
Witches are at the forefront of the festivities. 

But alas, at the end of the day, 
there is no such thing as witches and magic. 
There is no magic broom for me to ride off into the sunset, 
no magic to turn someone into a neut.

But I can pretend...

Kim Hair in Naturals by Action Hair
Action Hair

Spoopy Chic Hood by Peqe
Past event

Smoke eyes by La Boheme
La Boheme

Paris Lips Roses in Maraviha by Jumo

Exotic Bird necklace by Jumo

Zuhair Diamond Bracelets by Jumo

Ellaria Vest in Grey by Peqe (gatcha)

Diva Lingerie - Nina by {POSH PIXELS} at Apply Me
Apply Me!

Leg Lace by Sweet Evil at Apply Me
Apply Me!

Abby Shoes by Lennie at Apply Me
Apply Me!

Hocus Pocus Broom in Oak by Birdy at Gatcha Arcade 2015
Gatcha Arcade

Leaves & Bokeh 2 by Bauhaus Movement
no longer avaliable

There is no such thing as witches and magic

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