Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Leaves...Featuring Designer Circle with Posh Pixels and Swank with DanMarkZ and [Shi.S.] Poses

If we are not careful,
things slip by us.
The leaves start to change, and before we know it we are out of touch.

Where as I love the fall and it is amazing to me,
we all have seasons in life.
It is really easy to get caught up in things that are not important,
and before we know it...
the leaves have fallen off our relationships.

Enjoy life, live it to its fullest, but don't forget to watch
the changing of the seasons.

Car Ears Knitted Cap 07 gift by {dollie*}

Melita hair by Truth

Kiss Kiss lips in Opaque by Enchanted Ink

Cruz shadow in dusty by #adored

Cozette dress by DanMarkZ at Swank

Longitude Thigh High Boots by {Posh Pixels} at Designer Circle

Designer Circle

Agent Watch in Silver by David Hunter (gatcha)
David Heather

I love the autumn Pose by [Shi.S.] Poses at Swank
(falling leaves and ground leaves included)


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