Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Don't Kill the Magic...Featuring Art in Hats 2015 with Couture Chapeau

People want so much control every everything that 
it seems they cannot just love someone for who they are. 
We all have faults, but who wants to live with someone 
who is constantly pointing them out. 

Remember when you are in a relationship, 
finding fault kills any magic that may have been there. 
Isn't it easier to focus on someones 
amazing features, forgetting about the bad ones...
because if someone becomes the best they can be...
you won't see what they lack anymore.

Support each other, love each other...
celebrate the magic!

Oma Horn of Flowers hat by Couture Chapeau at Art in Hats 2015

Miriam braid in blonde by elua

Tiamat hair in blond by eXxEsS

Paris Lips Roses in pink by Jumo

Wings from Goddess Angel Golden 2013 by Paris Metro Couture

Folium necklace by Pure Poison

Spring lilac ornaments by Champagne

Verlis Dragonfly hair gift by Enfant Terrible

Bloom pumps in blush by Miamai at We <3 Roleplay

Don't Kill the Magic

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