Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pills and Potions...Featuring Art in Hats 2015 with Ghee

November the 4th through November the 14th, 2015

A fun thing to do is to go retro, do a pinup girl pose.
This cute hat seemed perfect for such a shot.
It features a swirl and cherries on the side.

If you havn't heard the pills and potions song,
check it out.
I think it pretty much sums up the feeling of an
addicted relationship.
I know I have been caught up in addictive relationships
in life where the guy was as bad as any drug or potion.
I had the hardest time getting away from him,
but when I finally did, I thought what was I thinking?
I guess the old adage is true...
too much of anything is not a good thing.

Cherry Sundae by Ghee at Art in Hats 2015

Aine Eye-shadow by La Boheme

Elegant Lipstick in Electric Red by Pink Acid

Delia Jewelry by Lazuri (past gift)

Sweet Treat - StickyMess! in Dark Chocolate by Devious Minds

Alma Hair by D!va

Sexy Candy Dress by !AZHARA BOUTIQUE  (MW Boa)

Pills and Potions

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