Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Standing in the Way of the Light...Featuring Art in Hats with Miss Darcy

November the 4th through November the 14th, 2015

She stood there, searching.
 But something was in the way, she couldn't see past the shadows.
The more she searched past the darkness, the more she found herself lost.
Enveloped in shadows, losing her way...
she realized...she was standing in the way of the light. 

Stillness by Miss Darcy at Art in Hats 2015
Comes with the face tattoo

70535 Hair by Pink Hustler

Siren's Collar Monochrome White Bubble by ATTIC

Devious Maids outfit, including dress, heels and shoes, sleeves by Zenith (gatcha)

You're Standing in the Way of the Light

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