Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cat Lady...Featuring Swank with JS Creations, WoW Skins, Semi-Precious, AnaMarkova

I myself am not a cat woman, but I have friends who are. 
Not all of them are alone and just love their cats, 
they come from all walks of life. 

Myself, I have never been an animal person, since I have allergies, 
but I recently got a puppy. 
So ok...I can see some of the reasons why people love their pets so much. 
I have to take care of him like a baby, 
we went through the whole eyedropper feeding him 
when he was tiny. 
Graduated to a bottle and then to dog food. 
So as I baby him, just like you would an infant, 
he has kinda grown on me. 

He actually has been good for the whole family...
so why not?

Forest friend Baret in Bear by Atomic

Jess Shoulder Hair by JS Creations at Swank

Selia skin in Golden by WoW Skins at Swank

Fleur jewelry in Silver by Semi-Precious at Swank

Davia outfit in Ecru by AnaMarkova at Swank

Cats are like music pose by LuaneMeo

Cat Lady

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