Monday, January 25, 2016

Gold Digger...Featuring Jumo at Ferosh

There is nothing more fun than an intrigue. 
This post is dedicated to a flickr friend who 
is an amazing writer. He uses my photos sometimes to portray 
his work. So I thought it was my turn to pay him back and 
do a shot dedicated to him. Go check out his work.

Jumo is at Ferosh, you don't wanna miss this event. 
Jumo has some amazing dresses, jewelry, makeup, skins, name it, she is a one stop shopping to look amazing. 
So after you check out Chatwick, go check out Ferosh!

Isla hair in Ebony by Amacci
Alexa Lips in deep red by Jumo

Valeriana Gown in black by Jumo at Ferosh

Mogwai & Maggie by *ionic* (gatcha)

Diamond Open Bag by *SORGO (gatcha)

Money Suitcase RARE by David Heather (gatcha)

Gold Digger

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