Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Off With Her Head...Featuring Jumo at Ferosh

A topic of discussion has come up in my household...
where do fairy tales really come from?
I believe that all things have a little truth in them.
Werewolves are based off the disease called
Hypertrichosis that causes excessive hair growth. 
According to stories, Vampires originated from 
a tale of a orphanage that the owner killed the orphans to bathe in their
blood to cause a younger youthful look. 
I think all tales are started somewhere and then over the years they 
grow into something different. 
Even today, the stories get turned into something different 
and we grow up thinking the tale was something that is far different than the 
So what true do we find in Alice?

Nefertiti hair by EMO-tions

Elegant lips in Electric Red by Pink Acid

Poker Face 1 makeup by Madrid Solo

Arora Gown and Jewelry by Jumo at Ferosh

aliceinmonsterland+ [n.i] 03 by Cureless at The Epiphany

Off With Her Head

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