Saturday, January 16, 2016

Two Sides of Me...Featuring Designer Circle with LoveMe Skins, Pelle, M's Art tattoo

Each of us has two sides to us, sometimes it is hard to find a balance. 
But it is in the balance that we usually find happiness. 
You cannot let people trample on you, being too nice gets you nowhere. 
But you also can not walk over others either. 
So when you find your balance, 
prickly with the soft...
then you find peace.

Ellaine Skin in sunkiss by LoveMe Skins at Designer Circle

Feather Pirate hat by Pure Poison

Agnese Hair in black by Pelle at Designer Circle

Vera Eyeshadow in light Petal by !Musa!

Strawberry Dolly lips by Nemezi

Owl tattoo by M's Art tatoo at Designer Circle

Military Style Embroidered Outfit by Culco at Designer Circle

Lace-up thigh high boots in black by Culco at Designer Circle

Two Sides of Me

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