Sunday, February 7, 2016

As Long As You Love Me...Featuring Autism Speaks Charity Event with Athena Couture

Autism Speaks Charity event is aimed at raising funds and awareness for Autism Speaks. 
Donations are appreciated. Some of the grids top designers have 
come together to offer exclusive designs for the event. 
Come hang out on the amazing sim, do some shopping,
 or join us for parties and performances. 

The Autism Speaks Charity Event is going full board. 
Join us for shopping, a performance and club parties. 


Calendar of Events 

Sunday February 7, 2016
Club Party 4:00 PM SLT
DJ chancerosenburg
Host: coco.tremont

Sunday February 7, 2016
Club Party 6:00 PM SLT
DJ sunflower.humbridge

Thursday Feb 11, 2016
Mizfit Dance show 7:00 PM SLT
Host JewelOfDeNiel

Friday February 12, 2016
Club Party 6:00 PM SLT

Saturday February 13, 2016
Club Party 8:00 PM SLT
DJ Dan Macintosh allcottd06
host: Ariannajasmine 

Sunday February 14, 2016
Fashion Show 2 11am SLT

Sunday February 14, 2016
Club Party 6:00 PM SLT
DJ Nikki1639

Friday February 19, 2016
Club Party 6:00 PM SLT
DJ Nikki1639
Host zurispiritweaver

Saturday February 20, 2016
Closing party
8pm slt to 10pm slt
DJ Wabbit  djdirtyw@bbit

Karee by elikatira

Cerridwen 8 eyeshadow by La Boheme

Lipstick casse. red by Chandelle (past Christmas gift)

Spring Flowers Crown 7 by !IT!

Fae Antennae by Southpaw (gift from MSND4 hunt)

Pure Jewelry in white by Modern.Couture

Jewelled Rose Corsage by Romance Couture

Alpinia gown by Athena Couture at the Autism Speaks Charity Event

As Long As You Love Me

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