Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ask a Woman on a Date...Featuring Shey and Swank with Paisley Daisy, Semi-Precious, Incendia Outdoors

Girls, we've heard it all before. We've heard all of the variations:

"We should do something."
"What are you doing this weekend?"
"Want to hang out?"
"We should hang out soon."

What is this? What are you really trying to tell us when you ask us to "hang out?"

From the time I was young, I hang out at friends,
hung out at the library,
hung out at the drive in,
hung out at the pizza pie place by the college,
So when I am asked to "hang out"
romance does not seem to be part of the offer.

You men need to realize if you want to develop a relationship with
a woman, you best be asking her out.

NO! that does not mean to hit her up at 5pm on a Friday or Saturday night.
If you are buzzing my phone late Friday or Saturday, I think you are looking
for one of two things.
You either want a booty call or you want to hang out.
Neither of which are really on the agenda
these days.
I am far too busy to 'Hang'.

 Hanging out is nebulous.
Asking someone to "hang out" without a plan or a purpose is disappointing,
to say the least.

I am posting a how to guide so you can be prepared.
Let me draw you a picture.

And BTW, no I don't wanna  hang out~

Ikura hair by !Ohmai Salon

Smoke S2 eyes by Le Boheme

Lips in light line by Death Row (lucky chairs)

Love Garden Romance Dress by Paisley Daisy at Swank

Avalon jewelry by Semi-Precious at Swank

Baltimore Stilettos by Shey

Lovers Swing by Incendia Outdoors at Swank

How to ask a woman on a date

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