Monday, February 15, 2016

Fairytale...Enchanted Fairy

I am a complete and utter fool for a styling challenge.
There is nothing more fun than to push yourself to a
new height.
I guess I wouldn't be modeling if I did not like the challenge of it.
I guess we are all just big kids at heart!

So here is my breakdown...minus the hours on Gimp!

My submission to BOSL 

Enchanted Fairy Styling Challenge

Hair No.25'14 in brunettes by Red Mint

Mermaid's Majesty Abyssal Horns (gatcha) by +Half-Deer+

Savage Winter horns in Snow by aisling

IceAngel Eyebrows and eye makeup (wings) by Silken Moon

Diamond Makeup Series face jewels by *VoguE*

Petal Lips in Oil by Glamorize

Hekate Chained silk top, skirt, necklace (gatcha) by DeviousMinds

Shynila Bra and bracers in silver by aisling

Anestasia Chain Panties in silver (gatcha) by The Forge

Harvest Moon fur white (gatcha) by *May's Soul*

Eternity Wings in innocence by Remarkable Oblivion

Enchanted Hoof in winter by COTTON.CANDY.MONSTER


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