Monday, February 29, 2016

Fight Song....Featuring Jumo with Alexa eyeliner, Spirit Mask and Riley Skin

Each one of us fights...everyday. 
For safety, for family...
for things that truly matter. 
So find your fight song...take back your life...
continue to fight for things that are important. 
But on the flip side...if you need to fight with other people 
for just being themselves, being human, it's you that needs 
a self check.

Polilla hair by Truth at Uber

Spirit Mask by Jumo

Alexa black eyeliner by Jumo

Mysterious lipstick by L'Anguisette

Riley Skin in cream by Jumo

Celestial suit in white by [[ Masoom ]] at Uber

Butterfly sandals in white by N-core at Uber

Hear me Roar! 5 Pose by {NanTra}  (gatcha)

Fight Song

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