Saturday, February 27, 2016

Would it Matter...Featuring Designer Circle with CODEX, LA!LA

I think we all ask, would it matter if I was here?
I know in my life I had the privilege of seeing just
what life would be like, for others, if I wasn't here.

But we all matter if we are important enough to be
missed if we were gone.

It does matter, it's like a rock being thrown into a pond.
The ripples go far and wide and are immeasurable.
So stop thinking it wouldn't matter and figure out how
you can make a difference.

Inna hair by enVOGUE Hair

shave base hair in bloom: plumify by adoness Hair Fair 2014 gift

Bullet Punk earrings by CODEX at Designer Circle

Dakara Shadow and Lipstick in Rockstar by RAPTURE

Golden Angel Set mask and arm ribbons by Astralia (gatcha)

Night Out Hearts dress by LA!LA at Designer Circle

Yuki Necklace in black by Zibska

Pyrocant cuffs by eXxEsS

Deep Sear leggins by Catnip Loveotomy

Bev Boots by Heth Haute Couture

Would it Matter

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