Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Daydreamin'...Featuring Swank with Loordes of London, AnaMarkova, Homebase

It is so easy to daydream,
especially when the weather is starting to warm up as it is here.
The sun is shinning, everything is turning green.
Yes, it is so very easy to let your mind drift away...
and you find yourself in a daydream.

Swept aside hair in blonde by Clawtooth

Lipstick in casse. red by Chandelle (past gift)

The Republican Redundancy #16 earrings by Loordes of London at Swank

Solstice outfit in Scarlet by AnaMarkova at Swank

The Exeter #12 shoes by Loordes of London at Swank

Irish Gardenset furniture by Homebase at Swank


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