Thursday, March 10, 2016

Innocent...Featuring Designer Circle with Pelle, MOoH!

Some people will judge you by where you have been...
the things you have survived. 
But those things are not you at all. 
They are just your experiences. 
It is how you deal with something that makes you 
who you are. 
So wear your scars with pride. 
And even if you didn't handle something in the
way you would have wanted to see yourself handle it...
it's ok. 
If you learned from it...and handle it better
the next time...
then that is who you are. 

Don't forget to love yourself.

Sui Hair in black by Pelle at Designer Circle

Mousy Floral fall headband in Pastel pink & Lavendar by Pink Acid

Eyeshadow pink by Pelle Makeup at Designer Circle
Comes in the Milena skin

Doll Blush by Pelle at Designer Circle
Comes in the Milena skin

Lips regular by Death Row
Lucky Chairs

Delia jewelry by Lazuri

Strapless bow dress in pink by MOoH! at Designer Circle

Way Pumps for slink high feet in Salmon by Garbaggio

My Yummy Ice-cream by Label Motion
Subscribers gift


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