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Introducing Metaverse...Featuring Heth Haute Couture

This royal blue trumpet gown features luxurious silk with lace overlay and is heavily embellished with thousands of silver shimmering beads. The dramatic collar and shoulder pieces add the perfect touch of sophisticated elegance and high dramatic fashion that will will get you all the right looks. Includes 5 standard mesh, 5 Fitmesh, Slink, Belleza, and Matireya sizes, with alpha layer.

The Veruska Diamond Couture Jewelry Set - an elegant modern-baroque set that is fit for the royalty in all of us. Vivid rainbow diamonds set in platinum, this set includes crown, earrings, necklace, 2 double bracelets (L&R), 2 single bracelets (L&R) and 2 rings (L&R) with fully animated diamonds and resizers included in each piece. Complete your most elegant ensembles with this elegant set.

Calling all models new and old,

Haute Monde Agency is a chic and succinct fashion agency, for those of you that are already enrapturing, living and breathing fashion into every facet of your second life. Haute Monde Agency is looking for models to join their agency and to be cast in several upcoming shows.

If you have a sense of high fashion styling or just plain love fashion in Second Life come and strut your stuff for us.

★ Casting Date: 4/7/2016

★ Times: 12 noon SLT & 7 pm. SLT.

★ Styling for the casting:  Spring 2016 Trends - Think colors! Be Bright, Be Bold and wow us!

Here is a link to Google images for Spring 2016 Trends

★ Casting Results will be posted in Metaverse main group and sent to models in-world. Please join the following group if your are casting for Haute Monde Agency.

Metaverse Group Key: 48f57da4-f5ed-faed-356a-99e2befa42a2

★ You will be also be given a notecard with Rehearsal Dates and other information at that time.

Casting Location

Casting Information:

★ Please have a Dv C hud on, if you do not own one please contact Lady Falina Katze-Elmer before the casting for a free copy.

★ Please 6 poses, a walk and the walk routine will be provided at day of casting.

★ Please join the Metaverse main group prior to the casting date.

★ Please arrive 15 - 20 minutes before the casting time you are coming too. This will be the check-in time for the casting.

★ Please be on time if you arrive late you will need to come to the next casting.

★ You will line up backstage in  alphabetical order by legacy names.

★ Please be respectful to all models waiting to be casted.


Lady Falina Katze - Elmer
Haute Monde Agency - COO
 © A METAVERSE & CO® Press Release March 2016 

Leticia hair by enVOGUE

Adela blue eyeshadow by !Musa!

Kiss Kiss lips in Navy Blue by Enchanted Ink

The Daliah Gown by Heth Haute Couture

The Verushka Diamond Couture Jewelry by Heth Haute Couture

     ♛ METAVERSE & CO ♛

SNEAK PEEK: METAVERSE is Opening in April, 2016. You can stop by NOW for a SNEAK PEEK.

Hello and Welcome to METAVERSE & CO. We would like to invite you to use this notecard as a guide to help you understand our complex. While visiting us we encourage you to feel free to walk around and explore. Touch the sign boards for additional information that you might see. You may wish to become a student in one of our modeling classes, or go for the crown and compete in this years Mr and Miss Metaverse Pageants. Again, welcome to Metaverse & Co. We thank you for coming to spend time with us.

Now, let's begin by visiting the METAVERSE & CO main offices.

1. The Main Offices for METAVERSE & CO.
OWNER: Hethwen 
OWNER Cacilia McMaster

2. The Offices of the COO's and Owners of METAVERSE

Description: While these offices are considered our private offices, they are always open to the public to come and visit us and ask any questions that you might have, or relax with us and just chat. This is where we meet and brainstorm our idea's on all the projects we work on.

3. METAVERSE Shopping (for your fashion needs)

4. Metaverse Modeling Academy - Main Theatre

Description: Welcome to our main theatre. This is where we host all of our shows and events. It also serves as the classroom we use to teach our classes.

5. Metaverse Modeling Academy Offices

COO:  Jewel χⓄ ƤѺώ ƤѺώ  (jewelofdeniel)

Description: Metaverse Modeling Academy [MMA] is a sophisticated and professional academy with a mission to provide each student a successful modeling career by providing the proper skills, resources and knowledge needed to enter the competitive world of SL modeling. We offer a comprehensive, 14 week program with intuitive courses that accelerate the learning process with the guidance of a professional team of award winning and title holding experts.  

6. Metaverse Pageantry Offices

COO: Issy Flatley 

The Crown Jewel of Pageants in the Metaverse - This group represents the Mr & Miss Metaverse Pageants. Each year we host 2 of the largest pageants in SL where we allow everyone to compete who is in good standing with METAVERSE. Everyone is welcome. The group is for candidates, sponsors, judges, and staff and is now open to the general public. 

7. Haute Monde Agency Offices

COO: Lady Falina Katze-Elmer 

Description:  The Haute Monde Agency [HMA]
Representing the Finest Models in SecondLife
Haute Monde or High-Society is a way of life. A chic and succinct reference to a more fashionable world. Those of us already enraptured by it, live and breathe it in every facet of our lives, ever-immersed in the overwhelming intricacies of what it is to be part of that higher-caliber modeling community.

8. Modeling It Forward - Offices

 COO: Haylie Gottesmann 

Description: Modeling It Forward is an open group working with all agencies and models across the SL grid. Our goal is simple - each month we select an SL charitable organization to work with and donate 100% of our previous months income to. We are open to everyone who deisres to contribute in a positive way. Zero tolerance for drama. We have model audtions once a month. We promote SL businesses for runway shows. It's time to give it forward. Join us now please. Posting rights granted after first active participation.

9. Metaverse Magazine - Offices

 COO: Hethwen Vertaus-Collinwood

Coming Summer 2016 - Metaverse Magazine [MM] - More than just a pretty book. Metaverse Magazine will be the leading source of what is happening in SL. The resource that all professionals turn to for informative articles, the most current releases, fashion and Event reviews, the HOTTEST new designers, and feature spreads on who to watch, what to wear, and the best events to attend in SL.
10. The SL Academy of Fashion Arts and Sciences [SAFAS] Offices

COO: Hethwen Collinwood & Cacilia McMasters 

Description: The SL Academy of Fashion Arts and Sciences [SAFAS]©®
A professional honorary organization with open membership. Organization and staff positions are extended by our Board of Governors to distinguished contributors to the arts and sciences of SL fashion.
*Group posting rights are granted upon Board approval
*Yearly awards program to recognize those who are an integral part of the SL Fashion community, and who have advanced the fashion world of SL through their contributions, artistry, and achievements.

11. The Official Residence for current Mr and Miss Metaverse

Mr. Metaverse: (Upcoming in 2016)
Miss Metavserse: (Upcoming in 2016)
NOTE:: As part of the awards Mr and Miss Metaverse receive each year they are both given a fully furnished luxury home to live in. The land and entire package are provided and paid for at no cost to our winners.

© A METAVERSE & CO® Press Release March 2016
UPDATED: 3-20-2016

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