Thursday, May 26, 2016

Courage...Featuring The Courage Event with Jumo

*The Courage Event*
Models Giving Back introduces "The Courage Event".  A Two week fundraiser event for the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fire relief fund.  It will run from May 15 - May 31.
JUMO Fashion will be there with 2 wonderful outfits big success in sales exclusive in new colors for this event, these colors will never seeing again.

The wonderful Yasmeen jewelry is the air of the 80's for this spring, this jewelry is inspired in the retro fashion to give you the mood of these amazing years. This jewelry are Original Mesh by June Monteiro.

This is the wonderful Daphne Skin, this time to TMP mesh heads, it is without doubt super beautiful and sexy to impress your friends wherever you are.
Include 5 Eyebrow colors in 5 styles each, 25 lipsticks and 10 eyeliners for TMP Heads and classic avatar. There are also Freckles versions to customize your avatar.
Try the new amazing Daphne shape and Skin for classic avatar these will surprise you for sure!
Check out all the images and you will find the shad that best suits you!

Helga Hair by Tukinowaguma at We <3 Roleplay

Daphne skin with makeup by Jumo
Prices: Single Pack 990 Lindens - Fat Pack 3990 Lindens

Yasmeen Jewelry by Jumo
299 Lindens

Dominique Gown Carmine by Jumo at The Courage Event
299 Lindens 50% donation


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